Top spa trends for 2017

From leisure to eco travel, what can you expect from the world of spa in 2017?


Pebbles invests in new premises in Salcombe

Pebbles has been a proud member of Salcombe’s business community for more than 13 years, now employing 40 permanent employees as well as a large number of seasonal employees, and in 2017 the company is cementing its commitment with a major renovation of premises on Island Street as a home for the company’s future. As…

A winter walk in New York

In search of the exquisite, the team behind Brummells of London went on a winter trip to New York and channelled their explorer roots, discovering it on foot. As they wandered through the brownstones, the high rises and the monuments, they found a world of coffee, character and creativity. READ MORE

Spend time outside to help you sleep

Nearly a third of the population in the UK suffers from insomnia, but it seems that could all be helped by spending more time outdoors in natural light. Dr Kenneth Wright has published a study that shows a weekend out camping resets the clock inside our bodies that influences sleeping habits. Now while camping might…

Tried and tested: Elemental Herbology

Comparatively new to the spa scene, Elemental Herbology is the spa skincare brand made for optimum skin health. From changing your skincare with the seasons to the use of botanical oils and herbal extracts, put some of their signature products to the test in the depths of winter. READ MORE

Meet the model turned nutritionist

From fashion and modelling to nutrition and healthy eating, Gabriella Peacock has done the glitz, glamour and fad diets and now she’s all about keeping things real and helping others to do the same. Talking to’s Hot Tub blog, she talks supplements, busy lifestyle and what nutrition should really be about… READ MORE

How You Know You’re a Zebra

How You Know You’re a Zebra is a picture book for children. It is about how the zebra discovers who he is by trying on the patterns of lots of different animals, and is hand illustrated, bringing the worlds of digital and traditional drawing together. Best for Kindle Fire or iPad or something where colour is…

Behind The Scenes of The Spa Industry

She’s only gone and made it onto Forbes! When a spa gets it just right, it can be a wonderfully holistic experience. Abi Wright, co-founder of, Europe’s largest spa booking agency talks about the inner workings of the spa world and what she’s on a mission to change… Read more on Forbes