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About us

I’m Bonnie, and the dog acting as a leitmotif across the site, is Brave.  He does less of the writing than I do but he’s got a place at Just be Brave because he’s part of the ethos, and everyone needs to draw inspiration from something they care about.

I started Just be Brave in 2014, providing content and content management services to brands, in order to make content services more accessible for brands by tailoring a package to individual requirements at manageable cost.

Today, I have offices in both Greater London and Devon, and I live the kind of lifestyle that allows me to bring energy and enthusiasm to everything I do.  At the risk of sounding like O2’S ‘Be More Dog’ campaign, that’s where Brave comes in.

Where we started

I trained as a journalist, working in-house for brands as well as two of the biggest content marketing agencies and consumer publishers in London before starting Just be Brave to provide consistent content to brands on a variety of platforms.

At Just be Brave we function a bit like an in-house member of staff, fulfilling both project and ongoing content requirements, except we don’t need desk space and we are probably more cost effective as well.


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