Top spa trends for 2017

From leisure to eco travel, what can you expect from the world of spa in 2017?


Spend time outside to help you sleep

Nearly a third of the population in the UK suffers from insomnia, but it seems that could all be helped by spending more time outdoors in natural light. Dr Kenneth Wright has published a study that shows a weekend out camping resets the clock inside our bodies that influences sleeping habits. Now while camping might…

Meet the model turned nutritionist

From fashion and modelling to nutrition and healthy eating, Gabriella Peacock has done the glitz, glamour and fad diets and now she’s all about keeping things real and helping others to do the same. Talking to’s Hot Tub blog, she talks supplements, busy lifestyle and what nutrition should really be about… READ MORE

Why body scrubs are the best detox

There’s a lot of variation and opinion when it comes to detox. From drinking cabbage soup to a more holistic approach. explores the benefits of body scrubs when it comes to feeling your very best. Find out more from 

Top 10 detox spa breaks

Detox doesn’t have to be about deprivation. The UK’s largest spa booking agency has found the top spa destinations for days and breaks designed to make you feel your very best, ready to take on the world.  It’s detox like you’ve never seen it before. Find out more

Could January detox actually be bad for you?

We are all familiar with the idea of a January detox, in fact it’s a tradition that’s almost as prominent as Christmas itself. When taken to extremes however, it can in fact do a lot more harm than good.  Looking at one of the latest studies by doctors and health professionals, reports on a case…

The people making London life cleaner

FlowFinder is the new app that aims to make active commuting in London easier by opening up a world of pay as you go showers free from gym memberships. The app also includes a rewards scheme and  Boris bike finder.  The idea comes from a passion for cycling, but aims to allow people to bring…

Four new reasons to go to Spain

Spain is a wonderful place to go at any time of the year. Even in the winter there are few things better than settling into a glass of wine in pleasant 15 degree temperatures, look out across historic landscapes bedecked with golf courses, ancient monuments and distant sea views. Are we painting a seductive picture…